Il Progetto Learning with MYMOOD implica la creazione di un sito come piattaforma d'apprendimento, con contenuti in italiano ed inglese,  per sperimentare l'innovazione tecnologica nello sviluppo professionale dei docenti e costituire un punto di riferimento per docenti ed alunni  interessati ad insegnare ed apprendere  la lingua inglese tramite le nuove tecnologie. L'accesso all'area riservata del sito avviene tramite registrazione e consente di visualizzare e condividere materiale più specifico.


Everybody needs somebody...


Do you remember these lyrics? "Everybody needs somebody, everybody needs somebody to love, someone to love, sweetheart to miss, sugar to kiss, I need you, in the morning, when my soul's on fire, sometimes I feel a little sad inside, when my baby mistreats me, I never, never have a place to hide, I need you".  Where do they come from? Read more to know the answer:







Infectious diseases have represented throughout history the most important cause of death for the human beings and are still a major problem for public health worldwide. An infectious disease is a disease caused by a micro-organism that enters the body. The term micro-organism defines bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses and algae, all organisms that have a diameter less than 0.1 mm and are visible only under a microscope. Many micro-organisms are composed of single cells (unicellular), some others of more cells (multicellular) and others, like viruses, do not have a proper cellular structure.




Fats are compounds, also known as lipids, found in the body and insoluble in water. Their main purpose is to serve as a storage system and a supply of energy. They also serve as an insulation material to allow body heat to be conserved and protect delicate internal organs from physical damage.


My house



My house is quite big.  When you go in, you  find a hall. On the left of the entrance door, there is a living room with a white sofa, a big table and four chairs. There is a big rug on the floor. The room has a big window which opens up to a balcony with chairs and a table good for afternoon breaks. On the right there is a bathroom with a bath, a shower, a toilet and a basin. Opposite, there is a kitchen and on the right there is a small bedroom and a bathroom.

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