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The Future of eLearning

Initially computers seemed quite away from the classroom but, with the popularization of the web several decades later, possibilities in e-learning grew exponentially. The last few decades have seen dramatic changes in the field of learning technologies that are influencing the nature of the classroom, how students learn and how teachers teach. Global economic and social change, industry diversification and increased competition are all having an enourmous impact.The e-learning domain is currently evolving.


What is biology?


The word biology means "the study of life" and is derived from the Greek words bios meaning life and logos meaning study. It is defined as the science of life and living organisms. Biology is a broad field, covering from the chemistry of our cells, to the study of ecosystems and global climate change. Biologists study the interaction of life and the interaction with the environment. They study from intimate details of the human brain to the composition of genes and the functioning of our reproductive system. They also study problems and propose solutions.


Edinburgh Festivals 


Edinburgh is a festival city, with 12 different festivals to choose from and 2,500 different events on offer. August is the most action-packed month, demand is high and they recommend booking accommodation at least six months in advance. But you can plan a trip in another time of the year: in Spring you can catch the Edinburgh International Science Festival and the Imaginate Children's festival, in Autumn you can listen to the sounds of the Storytelling Festival and in Winter you can party the end of the year with Edinburgh's Hogmanay, the best New Year's party on earth.



Food and recipes


1. Find the English word for the food in the picture and write it:

mushrooms  bread  lemons  potatoes  lettuce  orange  carrot  peas  strawberry   sandwich  cucumber  egg  pizza  coffee  chicken  bananas  cherries tomato


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